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Require Web Developer in Clique Studios

Clique Studios
Require :  3D Animator | After Effect Artist | Concept and Storyboard Artist | Web Developer  | Flash Programmer
Location : New Delhi
Require Following Positions :
1. 3D Animator
 2. After Effect Artist
3. Concept and Storyboard Artist
4. Web Developer
5. Flash Programmer

If a position you are interested in is not mentioned on the site, do send us your application and we will talk to you when there is requirement suitable to your skills.
Note : Kindly follow our guidelines before applying. Please include a Cover Letter, your Resume and a ‘Link’ to your Demoreel with this email. Please do not attach videos, zip or rar files with this email as they will automatically be filtered and will not reach us. You may attach images if you wish.

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