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Jobs in Criya Innfotainment

Jobs in Criya Innfotainment

Require Positions :  Freelance Story Board Artists | 2D Flash Character Animators | Faculty for 2D,3D & Vfx
Criya Innfotainment (P)  Ltd. based in Chennai is an emerging Studio in the media industry having made great strides in a span of six years. As part of our organic growth,we are recruiting new resources to grow stronger.

We are throwing up opportunities to multi-pronged talents in the areas of 2D & 3D Animation and invite ambitious hands to join us. We are urgently looking for candidates for coveted openings to join our team for our upcoming projects as
  • Experienced Freelance Story Board Artists.
  • 2D Flash Character Animators with more than 3 years of experience.
  • Faculty for 2D,3D & VFX (Must be able to communicate in English & Tamil) at Criya School of Visual Arts.

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