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Samsung India Software Operation
Being an R&D center, deliverables at SISO are expected to be highly creative and innovative in nature. We at SISO strongly believe that next generation innovations can come from minds that are stress-free. Creativity and freedom of thought are two sides of the same coin. We therefore strive to provide our people with an environment where they can think creative, think hard at the same time play hard and unwind to their best possible selves. SISO Networks is one such initiative. It represents the co-curricular activities that employees are involved in. It has different recreational groups ranging from ones that focus on different forms of art like the dance group-Deamz, SISO Rock band Systolica or Star - the theatre group; to sports groups like Baddies for Shuttle-cock, Women’s Soccer, SISO Cyclists, SISO runners amongst others.

We currently have the opening for Graphic Designer
Require Experience : 2-7yrs.
Interested candidates are requested to send an email with CV to

Samsung India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd
Bagmane Lakeview, Block ´B´,
No. 66/1, Bagmane Tech Park,
C.V. Raman Nagar, Byrasandra,
Bangalore - 560 093
Phone: +91 80 4181 9999

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